What is a TOK Presentation?

The Theory of Knowledge presentations are one of the required assessments as part of the IB. This is done individually, in pairs or in groups of three. Each person is required to speak approximately 10 minutes.

Structure of the presentation

Firstly, the presentation needs a main real life situation (RLS) as well as a central knowledge question which is derived from the RLS. It is important to establish a connection between the RLS and the central knowledge question. Then, the development should include a subsidiary knowledge questions which explores the main knowledge question using different perspectives, different areas of knowledges, real life situations and claims and counter claims. Lastly, a strong conclusion is needed in which the significance of the main RLS and other RLS are explained. Note that is also important to use TOK terminology!

PPD form

Each student must complete a ‘Presentation planning and marking document (PPD form)’. This is a short summary of the real presentation and must not exceed 500 words. The first draft of the PPD form will first be submitted to the teachers who will review it and offer comments and advice on it. Then, students will have time to edit it before uploading their final version.


The TOK presentation is graded out of 10 and it counts for 33% of the final mark. Some characteristics of the top level include sophisticated, discerning, insightful, compelling and lucid.