What Exactly is the CAS Project?

As part of the CAS programme, all students must complete at least 1 CAS project throughout the 18 months of studying the IB. 

Source: International School of Amsterdam

The main requirements are as follows:

  • CAS projects must involve collaborative working and therefore teamwork must be showcased. You can work with your friends, your classmates or any other individuals.  

  • CAS projects must last at least 1 month so of course, you can do more and I would recommend you to do it for longer !

  • (No longer obligatory but still recommended): must include at 2 of the 3 CAS elements : activity, creativity and service 

Below are a few ideas you can consider: 

  • Organise a talent show at your school 

  • Organise a play / dance show / flash mob

  • Create a website (e.g. a website designed to help students) 

  • Take part in a road/park/beach cleaning experience 

  • Start a club (MUN, debate, writing …)

  • Organise a TEDxYouth event 

  • Organise demonstrations (e.g. climate march) 

  • Direct a film 

  • Organise bake sales 

  • Start to learn how to play an instrument and play in a band or a show

  • Do a photography project (photoshoot)

  • Organise a pop up shop 

  • Form a recycling club 

  • Organise an art exposition

  • Raise money for a charity by organizing a marathon or a run

  • Set up an event at your school for days like Women’s Day or Valentine’s Day

  • Help organize the preparation of bigger events with your school — eg prom 

  • Shadow a professor or help research at your local university 

  • Go on a field trip with younger years as a chaperone and help oversee them with the adults (this could be a ski trip, or a one-day trip to a museum…)

CAS projects can often be useful when writing personal statements or showing universities the experiences you have been involved in. Take advantage of these opportunities! They are especially good to do in the beginning of Y12 and during February/March of Y13 because that’s when the workload will slightly decrease. Good luck! If you have any questions about what can make a good CAS project, don’t forget to ask on the forum and we will reply straight away.

Sources: Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz Swiss international boarding school