The Learner Portfolio (Language and Literature)

The learner portfolio is a collection of a student’s work which the IB could ask to hand in. This mandatory requirement is done individually and over the course of two years. This is especially important this year because there is a possibility that the exams will not happen.

You can use this space to insert your past exams (which includes the teachers’ comments), presentations you have done in class, course work, etc … You should also add your own reflections, thoughts and opinions about these. You are also encouraged to make connections with areas of explorations and between novels you have studied. This could be especially useful for Paper 2, to make comparisons between different novels.

For example, in Language and Literature classes, an oral is required as an Internal Assessment. As you read the novels in class, you can start thinking about the oral by comparing these novels and noting down ideas. This will be useful when picking the novels you want to use and could also be useful when writing the HL essay.

You can put your work into the area called Learner Portfolio in Managebac, have a document for your portfolio or even have it on paper. The way you organise your portfolio is completely up to you.

The portfolio should not be extra work ! It simply involves compiling work you have already done and adding a few sentences to reflect on your work.