The Eisenhower Matrix - How to Manage Time?

Time management is a daunting task for any student, but for an IB student it is a necessity. Tasks just keep coming in and all the hours in the day just seem too few. One of the possible solutions to this plight is the Eisenhower matrix. Created by president Eisenhower, it is a technique which aims to prioritise tasks and create a timeline for work. The principle is simple. It requires someone to first list any impending tasks which they have to complete, and then sort them into a table.

Each box of the table has a different meaning: 

  • Something which is Important and Urgent would be the first priority, the tasks which should be completed as soon as possible- this box, if you are managing your time well, should be empty

  • Something which is important and Not Urgent would be a task which needs to be completed in the not so distant future which holds a lot of value to you- this box, if you are managing your time effectively, should hold most of the IB tasks

  • Something which is Urgent and Not Important would be the tasks to which you have a commitment, but which you have no real interest in or which you personally do not want to complete- this box is usually where the most stressful tasks lie as they are the ones which you need to complete but have not incentive to do so

  • Something which is Nor Urgent or Important would be something which you would like to do but which has no bearing on your life- this box should not be empty in IB as leisure time is very necessary for a healthy lifestyle

If you employ this method, it should be easier to attribute priority to the tasks which you have been assigned and reduce stress.