The Corona Confinement: More than Just a Pandemic

As we are all aware, the spread of Corona throughout the globe has forced establishments to close and people to self-isolate so as to “flatten the curve” and avoid contaminating anyone who is at risk. This decision, though sound, has left people across the developed world locked in their homes for an undetermined amount of time. For some, the only source of news is the hyperbolic and misinformed news outlets and social media posts. This article, though not from a professional source, will attempt to shed some light on the realities of this never before seen situation, and give some advice to anyone for whom the quarantine is stretching to the horizon.


According to the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland has counted just over 17’000 cases, with a mortality rate of about 2%. Those who are worst affected by corona are the elderly and those with preexisting health conditions as the disease targets the lungs first and foremost. It is for these people’s benefit that we, along with many other nations decided to issue new protocols to help deal with the pandemic. The travel bans, social distancing and widespread shutdowns have been implemented so as to limit the contract of these high risk individuals to the virus. For Switzerland, and the schools more specifically, these new measures are law until the 19th of April, so we have a few weeks to go, hang tight!


Now that the threat of Corona is looming over all our shoulders, the question of how to avoid contamination is on everyone’s minds, and the WHO have issued some sound and simple methods to dodge this deadly disease. They may seem elementary, but they are tried and tested as the most affordable and achievable preventive measures that we can take. The first and easiest is hand washing: wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water to get rid of any germs that you could have accumulated on your palms, and avoid touching your face with dirty hands. The second piece of advice is the one which is driving people crazy from boredom: social distancing. It limits contact with people who could have come into contact with COVID 19, and ensures that you can control the dangers that you are facing: so no matter how infuriating, stay away from others if just to protect them from you! Other measures include walking at a distance of 1.5 m away from others if forced to leave the house and wearing a mask so as not to take in airborne diseases. These measures can not only protect you but your community and family, so please keep them in mind ynd you might just save a life.


The corona outbreak has forced many to face the worst monster that is out there: boredom. Being shut in day in day out with nothing to do is enough to drive even the soundest of individuals up the wall. And with the upcoming holidays, young students are going to be left without the distraction of online classes, so it is more important than ever to get a hobby. Though the situation is far from desirable, it is an opportunity to pick up a new skill like cooking or art, to commit to some project or another which went unnoticed in the whirlwind of life, or even just spend time with loved ones (even if they might get on your nerves). Yes we are living through a crisis, and yes, the number of cases is still growing, but the best thing that we, and everyone can do is stay responsible, sane and safe. 

Advice for public safety from WHO