Student Starts New Baking Business

An IB student from IIL, Katie Charlesworth, has started a new baking business in Geneva as an experience helpful for universites and careers alike. Her new business is called "Bakes Geneva" and focuses on bringing customisable and personalized goods to customers. It mainly revolves around the selling of cupcakes, but an abundance of other treats are available -- such as cookies, cakes and brownies.

Katie is only 17 years old and has already started a business which is gaining attention in Geneva. She has already recieved 20+ orders since her opening the 8th of January 2020, but the idea for her business stemmed over a year ago. Orders range from a small selection of cupcakes, which go for around 10-15 CHF, to much more complex orders.

Katie's Custom 18th Birthday Cake

Her largest order so far has been an 18th birthday cake, which the customers were alledgedly delighted with!

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instagram : bakesgeneva

facebook : bakesgeneva

Here are some more of her gorgeous products :

Important Note : Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus situation in Switzerland and Europe, Bakes Geneva is temporarily unavailable for sales. The business will reopen shortly after the end of quarantine in Geneva.