Struggling with your Economics IA?

The economics internal assessment counts for 20% of your final grade. It consists of 3 commentaries based on an article from different sections of the syllabus (microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics and development economics). Here are some tips on the internal assessment in general: 


  • The article that you choose must not be older than 1 year. 

  • Your commentary must not exceed the word limit of 750 words. This is not many words so make sure to only include relevant analysis and when quoting the article, avoid lengthy ones or only use important parts of the quote. 

  • The word count does not include titles and labels on graphs


Pick an article that is not too long and that has numbers so you can easily include those in your graphs and analysis. 


Diagrams are very important and one of the easiest criteria where you score high/full marks. 

  • Make sure to fully label your graphs (both axis with units) and you must include a title in all your graphs. 

  • Do not hesitate to colour your diagrams to make it clearer 

Analysis and explanation:

Make sure to fully analyse the diagrams as if you were teaching someone who has never studied economics before. Then, further explain to show off your understanding of the topic. 


Evaluation is also a very important part of the IA. You must evaluate the efficiency of a legislation, for example, and analyse the consequences on all of the stakeholders (consumers, producers, government, workers, society as a whole, etc …). In addition, try to include assumptions you made throughout the commentary such as the ‘ceteris paribus’ assumption to demonstrate that the economics theories do not always apply in real life. 


Your economics teacher grades your internal assessments and some of them are sent to the IB. Your teacher will give you feedback on your first drafts of each IA. Feel free to ask your teacher for advice or how to approach a certain aspect when you are not sure. 

Source: IB mastery - how to structure an economics IA