Online Summer Camps

While the coronavirus pandemic has likely cancelled any internship or summer courses you may have booked, it is still important to search for alternatives in the form of online replacements. Summer courses and internships are not only an accessible way through which to build up your university application during the summertime, where the workload has decreased and you have time to pursue independent interests, it is also a highly sought-after skill which demonstrates commitment and passion for your area of study. In many cases, if you complete these courses in the beginning of high school (Y10/11, G9/10) they will be invaluable additions to your résumé which will help you secure internships, research, or shadowing opportunities in the following years. 

For UK university applications especially, this is a truly helpful activity to complete, as universities are constantly looking for a true passion and a demonstrated willingness to pursue this career path. This is most important in the lab sciences, which encompasses any pre-med or veterinary applicants, physics, chemistry, and biology. This also holds for other subjects, but the importance is reduced (for example, several well-chosen books may be sufficient to demonstrate interest in english literature). 

But where can you find these evasive “online” courses and summer camps? We’ve compiled some very useful resources for you to take a look at. 

STEM Majors -- an accessible summer camp for students of all ages, but separated by difficulty and interest. A must for anyone interested in STEM (especially computer science)!

Columbia University -- a taste of the Ivy League education with a rigorous summer camp (this is a selective camp for academically excellent students).

Cornell University -- another option for the Ivy League experience (less selective than the previous) which allows you to earn college credits and a transcript from Cornell.

Stanford University -- one more highly ranked American university (this once again requires a selection process, but is highly rewarding with an intensive study option for the subject of your interest).

A Huge List of 40 Online Summer Courses -- if none of the above seem like the right fit for you, this list is sure to contain something to your liking!

As always, feel free to ask any questions pertaining to this article (or any others) on the forum and we will be glad to respond to you!

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