Need CAS Ideas?

Due to the coronavirus, we are all currently confined in our homes … However, since we have some free time on our hands, why not try out some new CAS experiences?

Here is a list of ideas you can do during self-quarantine.

Creativity :

  • Drawing / painting / sculpture 

  • Cooking / baking

  • Design clothes 

  • Photography 

  • Write stories / poetry 

  • Learn a musical instrument 

  • Learn a new language : use the app ‘duolingo’

  • Design a video game

  • Try on new makeup styles

  • Try out new hairstyles 

  • Choreograph a dance 


  • Running 

  • Walking 

  • Biking 

  • Dance

  • Yoga

  • Soccer (in the garden)

  • Badminton (in the garden)

  • Roller skating 


  • Tutor your siblings / classmates (on facetime) 

  • Walk people’s dogs (especially if those people are high risk, for example the elderly or immunocompromised)

  • Donate your computer to help find a cure for the coronavirus (install the application here or find out more information here)

  • Go get people’s groceries (especially if those people are high risk)

  • Help support local businesses by working for free (especially struggling ones due to COVID-19)

  • Babysit kids whose parents have work (especially parents who are doctors or nurses)