Major-Focused Activities

A range of activities is always good to have whether you are in the IB diploma programme, or in any other highschool program, A-Levels, AP, or French Baccalaureate alike. While it is preferable to have a breadth of activities, which range from sports, to charity to academia, it is especially important to have specific activities which refer to the major (or simply prospective area of study!) you wish to apply to. Now, these activities are mostly (but definitely not exclusively) school or study related, and as such, if they are to be used as CAS activities the ones proposed below will mostly fit into creativity -- with a few notable exceptions which go to activity and service!

To make expressing your interest and in a course explicitly clear, instead of just declaring your passion you should actively work towards demonstrating it, in other words, show don’t tell! We’ve made this as easy as possible for you by compiling a list of general majors, along with some proposed related activities. Of course, if your major is slightly more niche or simply more narrow, you can always go to the forum and ask us for some tips there, and we will be more than glad to help you out!


Research in the field (or internships, difficult to do but can be found in banks), shadowing a professor, extended reading, online courses (especially useful are courses relating to multivariable calculus or statistics). Mathematics is quite theoretical so activities are usually hard to come by. Do not despair! Even reading is enough to demonstrate a solid interest. 


Research in the field, volunteer work at a hospital or clinic, extended reading, shadowing a professor, work experience at a pharmacy. Biology, premed, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary… all of these areas of study really require a large interest, and so to do this you *must* have work in the field. Talk to your guidance counselor about this -- it is one of the most common things they can help with!


Shadowing a professor, research in the field, extended reading, or tutoring students in chemistry is also a good way to show a passion and an understanding. Once again -- extremely theoretical if not to do something like premed (then refer above). Not too much stress, this doesn’t require so much work. 


Research in the field, shadowing a professor, extended reading, internships (hard to do, but can be sometimes found in institutions such as CERN, NASA... which are outstanding. If they can be obtained this is truly exceptional) notable mentions: lab work & reports done in school, if applicable to the course, can be used as “activities” if you can show genuine interest and a slight deviation from the course. Again, (as expected) very theoretical. 


Shadowing a professor, extended reading (very important!!), internships (at a law firm of course, but many non-profits and large institutions like banks have great law departments). To show a true passion, it can be very useful to highlight (in an essay or so) a particular legal issue which fascinates you or has some particular personal importance -- this could be things like immigration, divorce, adoption, housing… 

Foreign Languages

Extended reading (very important!) or watching films, traveling to other countries, work experience (you can find work experience as a translator in some places!). Reading would be the most attainable thing to do for this particular path of study. 

English Literature

Extended reading (crucial), writing and publishing, shadowing a professor, work experience (at a publishing house or with an author), writing camps, starting a newspaper. Once again, reading is by far the best and easiest thing to do. 

Political Science

Participation in rallies, debate, MUN, work experience (with someone in government or a political activist). This is mainly about taking action and advocating -- do something which really focuses on an issue specific to you, and pursue it as far as you can! Making political posters or creating online accounts or websites to bring light to a specific issue is extremely important (a GoFundMe can be good too, and you can do a charity event to raise money for an organisation of your choice!) A career path with many many opportunities. 

Computer Science

School based clubs (such as robotics or simply coding clubs), creating an app / website, taking online courses, work experience (companies like Google are the goal). This is quite narrow as an area of study but many things can be done by yourself with tangible achievements. The best outcome for activities to show this kind of interest is a piece of work created by yourself. 

Business & Economics

Work experience (banks or any businesses), found your own business (things like reselling clothes, or making food), raise money for events / charities. This is also quite difficult to come by, but if possible, show entrepreneurship and initiative! That is the most important. 


Tutoring or any form of teaching, work experience (with professors or teachers), babysitting. This is mostly about showing a love of children -- things like working at a daycare or helping within your school is enough. It is mostly easy to come by this type of activity, so do as much as you can!


Very difficult to come by activities, but art is mostly about creation and imagination. Create your own portfolio of pieces that are meaningful to you and that is enough.

We know that this list is far from complete, and so we invite you to complete it! Become a writer for our newspaper and create a part 2 of this chain, gaining you both CAS points and major inspiration.