De-Stress Websites

If you're often stressed out as a student, you might want to add a couple of these websites to your favourites tab to help you calm down. Within a few minutes, you can get yourself focused and relaxed again to get back to work.

1. Calm - has options to meditate with sounds and images

2. Labuat - paint a picture with classical music in the background

3. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes - counts down from 2 minutes, resets if you touch your screen

4. Make Everything OK Button - click a button and watch your stress disappear

5. Silk - make soothing drawings (my personal favourite)

6. Headspace - trains your mind

7. Soundrown - pick relaxing background music

8. Exhaler - helps control your breathing

9. Get Relaxed - watch soothing pictures on a slideshow

10. Raining - hear rain sounds that you can customise

Hope these help!

Please, do make sure to seek help (with a parent, friend, counsellor) if you feel stressed too often and it becomes an issue to your health (mental or physical).

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